Saturday, 23 January 2016

New start

I suck at painting. It is true. So for my new years resolution i decided that im gonna improove my painting and increase the amount i get done this year. And then i realised that its hard to get motivated when u suck at something so i decided to do a blog where i display and update on how my painting is going. I will be doing once/twice weekly posts with pictures so u can make fun/comment to your heart content.

The first models i decided to paint is my dark eldar army for 40k. I have wanted to do this army for a while but been bad at painting that i never painted them and continued using my chaos army in games. The first models i am painting are a squad of kabalites and a squad of helions. But i will also be doing some models for my age of sigmar, skaven, as well as some tyranids for 40k and also some mordhiem. Photos will be going up next day or two once i get me a new usb cord. So i hope u enjoy the ride and please dont be afraid to put any comment no matter how mean it is.

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