Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Time for the first batch of pictures but first I thought I would post my goals for this year. So here we go.
1) Get better at painting and get more painting done.
2) Try and get more 40k games played. I'm gonna pay my subscription at the local gaming club next month and try and get some games there. Also got a mate who I play occasionally and will try and play against him some more.
3) Try and play more warmachine this year. There is a good warmachine club here with nice friendly guys so will try and go there more often.
4) Try and get into malifaux. Game has intrigued me for a while so will try and get some models and see if anyone plays it near me. If anyone has played it before and has comments on it or even knows someone who plays it in wellington region please contact me.
4) Try and finish painting my orc BB team as well as start a new team (fine out what it is when i start it)
5) Work on my skaven age of sigmar army.
6) Work on my mordhiem warbands (skaven, beastman and humans)
7) Get more fluff done on anything i play.
I think that's about it. I also wanna point something out. If anyone has met me in real life or seen me at tournaments they will know i am a very shy/nervous person. I am nothing like my online self which is very happy, bubbly and go with flow (think that's best way to describe me) So That is why some of those goals are gonna be a bit hard for me as i'm not good around people i don't know, even people i do know to be honest. Ok time for some pictures.

So firstly i need to figure out how to take better pictures :). This is the first of my kabalite warriors. I have enjoyed the yellow/purple colour scheme but i really need to practise my highlighting and shading.

Anyone who plays 40k will tell you that helions are one of thre worse units in the dark eldar army but they are one of the main reasons I want to do the army. I replaced the rider with a wytch model and painted the base to make it stand out a little. I was quite happy with how this model turned out but next time i need to make sure I base coat the base first as I didn't on this one and its a bit blotchy and see through.

I am one of those painters who does 1 model at a time. Yes it means it takes longer but i also don't get bored doing repetitive painting. I will continue working on those 2 units rest of the week and hopefully be able to post full squads next week. Until then let me know any comments. Thanks for reading all.

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  1. Don't listen to the haters! Helions are the best Dark Eldar models...alongside jetbikes...