Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Well it's been a couple of weeks since last post and i'm ashamed to admit that i have done barely any painting. It is not cause i havent wanted to but i have been doing 6/7 night weeks at work this month and it takes alot out of you. Plus add in sleep and family and I had no time for anything. And now with easter coming up and i'm in the same boat. I'm gonna have to make a schedule to make sure i paint more this month.

On a more positive note i have a BB tourny in a couple of days. Looking forward to it even though i don't rate my chances. Gonna try and be more out there. Heres hoping i don't go all shy :D
Here is the team i'm taking

I finished painting most of this team end of last year and just have a couple of models to finish. I sense this is gonna be a friday night job :(

Also the OFL season has started up again with the new era. This era i am taking chaos pact and taking over a existing team called Cereal Killers. Played 2 weeks already and managed a draw in both games against chaos and orcs. The team as is right now consists of:
-dark elf with dodge
-4 rookie marauders
-1 marauder with two heads
-1 marauder free agent with blodge, guard, -mv
-1 marauder free agent with block, sure hands, +mv-
-1 marauder free agent with block, guard, tackle, claw, MB
- 3 RRs and apoth.

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