Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Finally got some models to post. Sorry for not posting any last week but with A nice chest infection and a wracking cough I got next to none done. Thankfully I made up for it a little this week. Also I heard from a friend of mine about some malifaux games in the area and will be promptly emailing him soon.

This guy I wasn't too happy with as i didnt take enough time with the yellow on him.

This guy here was alot better and am pleased with how my highlighting is coming along. I'm looking forward to painting the last model in this squad and working on something else, maybe their raider transport.

This is a model to go in my helion squad. I'm loving the which models on them as it makes them stand out. Just need to buy some smal magnets to make them stand up.

I still need to get a better camara but that be a few weeks off sorry. I might paint up A couple of skaven this week for age of sigmar as a change of pace. The current paint total so far this year is:
- 4 kabalite warriors
- 1.5 helions
Not much but its a vast improovement for me :). Hope you enjoyed and will post again next week.

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