Monday, 8 February 2016

Heya all. I know I missed last week's post but being bed ridden by A sore chest and nasty cough I barely got any painting done. But i have been busy painting and will post pictures tomorrow. But for today it is fluff time. I play in a online BB league called OFL. This era i'm playing Chaos Pact and am taking over a franchise called Cereal Killers. My go-to guys in fluff are Ron Jackhammer and Jolly Pansy and they are back once again to plague the world again. I hope you enjoy it.

Ron Jackhammer: Evening all and welcome to another install meant of the footy show. I'm Ron Jackhammer and with me as usual is Jolly Pansy.

Jolly Pansy: It's good to be back Ron. It's the start of a new era and u can feel the excitement. Who will win? Who will rage quit? Who will come out of the closet? These are all questions we wanna know the answer to.

Ron: That's right Jolly. But today we are just gonna interview the team we are sponsoring this season, Cereal Killers. This team has been around for a while now but this era they are under a new coach, Pdarby. Really? Are we still following the guy?

Jolly: I know Ron, i know. But it's alright. He is not our boss anymore so we don't have to kiss ass. This team though looks pretty solid and will hopefully carry on is continue it's streak of playoff appearences. Our first gues tonight is John Wayne Gacy.

(John Wayne Gacy walks out onto the show and takes a seat)

John: Thankyou.

Ron: So John how did u get into playing bloodbowl? Seems like a odd choice from a guy like you.

John: Well first there's alot of blood but the real rerason is that i can go around killing people and there is nothing the cops can do about it.

Jolly: Sounds like every bloodbowl player i'v ever met.

John: Why's that camaraman looking at me like that? Are you a snitch?

(John gets out of his chair walks over to the camamraman and nproceeds to stab him several times in the chest)


Ron: Sorry about that all/ We thought we had searched him for all weapons. Also sadly clarence the camamraman died of his injuries on the way to the hospital.

Jolly: I always knew that guy was a snitch. He never accepted my advances. Oh well. Our next guest is tonight should be alot safer. Welcome Karl Denke

(Karl Denke walks onto the stage, avoiding the blood splatter, and takes a seat).

Karl: Thankyou Jolly and might i say you need to put some meat on your bones. Too skinny.

Jolly: Well I have been trying to slim down.

Ron: (rolls eyes) Karl i hear you had a interesting clause in your contract?

Karl: Yep. Anything i kill i get to take with me at the end of the night. Saves alot of time.

Jolly: Ahhh, so u'r a mortician in your spare time?
(Ron leans over and whispers in Jolly's ear)

Jolly: Oh. I like to shoot something out of my cannon aswell.

Ron: SIGH. No Jolly (whispers in his ear again)

Jolly: Really? And u let me sit next to him? (runs of the stage screaming)

Ron: Well looks like our show is ending early today. We shall see you again at the start of week 1. Night all.

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